Yale Energy Sciences Institute scholar awarded NASA Fellowship

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Congratulations to Yale graduate student David Hynek, who has been awarded a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship.

Hynek is a member of Judy Cha’s lab in the Yale Energy Sciences Institute, where he conducts research into 2D-thin materials for future high-speed electronic devices that can withstand harsh space radiation.

Making these materials remains a major challenge, and Hynek’s studies focus on developing new materials that exhibit different conductive qualities and which host quasi-particles useful in quantum computing. 

“The fellowship gives me the freedom to pursue my research while extending my collaborative network to include NASA scientists,” said Hynek, whose work has taken advantage of the “many wonderful tools” offered in the West Campus Materials Characterization Core, such as the newly acquired focused ion beam.

The NASA Fellowship provides a structured training environment incorporating the student fellow, Yale faculty advisor, and NASA research collaborator, with each member of the research team playing a role in the success of the fellowship. The research collaborator serves as the conduit into the exciting research being conducted by NASA.