• West Campus trainees point the way towards collaborative science at Yale

    Congratulations to the participants at All Points West, a student-led symposium showcasing excellent research and inspiring collaboration across Yale. Trainees from all 7 West Campus Institutes and Yale School of Nursing presented dynamic lightning talks on subjects ranging from fluoride resistance to transforming watercolor pigments

  • Bacterial nanowire mystery solved

    A new study by researchers at Yale, University of Virginia and the University of California at Irvine published April 4 in the journal Cell reveals a surprise: protein nanowires have a core of metal-containing molecules called hemes

  • Scientists discover mechanics of asthmatic bronchial spasm

    Scientists at Yale’s Systems Biology Institute and Johns Hopkins have discovered why the sudden contraction of our bronchial airways - so called “bronchospasm” - acts differently in healthy people and those who suffer respiratory diseases such as asthma

  • Yale physicists light the way for new technology discoveries

    Scientists at the Energy Sciences Institute have developed a mathematical framework to identify the upper bounds of light interactions and radiative energy transfer, opening the way for brighter imaging techniques, improved solar-power technologies, and the efficient conversion of heat to electricity

  • On West Campus, researchers preserve ‘materials and meaning’ of art objects

    The conference held on Feb. 22 at West Campus showcased the breadth of collaborative research, practice, training, and outreach at the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

  • Hailiang Wang wins Sloan Fellowship

    Congratulations to the Energy Sciences Institute’s Hailiang Wang, who is one of four Yale faculty to receive a prestigious 2019 Sloan Research Fellowship