About Us


The many university-wide operational units that support day-to-day campus life are overseen by Yale West Campus Administration – the team responsible for the whole campus landscape, from our buildings, finance, staff, research operations, communications, and much more. 

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Our Team

West Campus offers an unprecedented opportunity for Yale to expand its scholarly programs and we look forward to working with you to achieve these goals. Please reach out to members of the team through this directory. West Campus Administration is centrally located on the second floor of the Conference Center. 

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Our History

In 2007 Yale had a unique opportunity: to add fully one third of its real estate in the single purchase of the 136-acre Bayer Pharmaceutical facility. Only a few miles from New Haven, the benefits to the University were clear: the addition of a state-of-the-art research space that would “accelerate at an unprecedented level” Yale’s ambitions in science and engineering. Today’s campus community has come good on that promise.

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Science at Our Core

Core facilities are the backbone of academic research, enabling scientists, no matter their experience, to make the most of the world’s best technology. West Campus is home to seven scientific cores, positioning microscopy and other technological research investments into central areas for wide application across Yale. The Krios cryo-electron microscope, a technology that is enabling scientists to visualize the molecules of biological life in atomic detail, was unveiled at Yale in 2017.

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Focused on Trainees

Our graduate students, postdocs and trainees are major drivers of scientific discovery through the research that they conduct in partnership with their faculty mentors. Beyond their scholarship, they have created a strong sense of community on campus, providing many benefits, both professional and personal. The West Campus Student & Postdoc Committee is the primary programming group for junior scholars on Campus - specifically focused on the unique experience of being a trainee at West Campus.