Ken Loh receives Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Award in Neurosciences

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Ken Loh has received a Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Award in Neurosciences from the Esther A. & Joseph Klingenstein Fund and the Simons Foundation. Loh is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Medicine and joined the Institute of Biomolecular Design & Discovery at Yale West Campus in 2022.

Using tools in chemical biology, the Loh lab studies brain-body interactions at a molecular length scale.

Specifically, they are interested in the molecular interactions between the autonomic nervous system and organs like fat and the pancreas. The lab asks questions about the molecular drivers of nerve remodeling inside of these organs, and the composition of junctions between nerves and organs.

Through its collaboration with the Simons Foundation, the Klingenstein-Simons Fellowship Awards in Neuroscience support highly promising early career investigators engaged in basic or clinical research that may lead to a better understanding of neurological and psychiatric disorders. The awards promote high-risk, and potentially high-reward, projects.

A native of Singapore, Loh received his B.S. in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College in 2009 and earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry with Alice Ting at MIT in 2016, developing chemical-enzymatic methodologies for tagging proteins in cells. He received postdoctoral training with Jeffrey Friedman at Rockefeller University, studying the role of leptin in its regulation of sympathetic nerves in the fat organ.