Fitness Center Enrollment Form

West Campus Fitness Center Rules/Enrollment Form

The West Campus Fitness Center is available to West Campus occupants, their spouses, and children.  Spouses and children (13 years and older) must be accompanied by their West Campus sponsor when using the facility and cannot receive access to the locker rooms.  Under no circumstances is anyone allowed in the fitness center without completing the enrollment form. Exercising has risks and you should consult with a physician before starting an exercise program. Become familiar with the equipment and techniques. Yale is not responsible for any injuries. Please allow 24 hours for processing.

  1. Keep the gym clean and neat.
  2. Proper attire including shirts and shoes are required.
  3. Wipe perspiration off equipment.
  4. Place all trash in receptacles.
  5. Return newspaper and periodicals in their proper place.
  6. Use a spotter when lifting weights.
  7. Do not slam the weights down.
  8. Return all weights to their proper location.
  9. Do not provide access to unauthorized persons.
  10. Do not leave weights on bars.
  11. Under no circumstances are children allowed below the age of 13.
  12. Be respectful of all users.
  13. Locks may be used on lockers while using the facility, but must NOT be left longer than needed. Lockers are for day use only, and any contents left in lockers after hours will be removed and discarded.

Violations of any of these rules will result in your termination of access to the gym.

Enrollee Information
Other information
Proxy ID number appears on the back lower left corner of the employee badge. Usually starts with a letter followed by a series of numbers. It is not the UPI number.
Needed for locker room access.
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