Responding to Racism

Moved by the historic context of racism in the United States and the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other Black Americans, the Yale West Campus community has come together to voice its pain, frustrations, concerns, and our hopes and aspirations. Race, racism, equality, and equity are matters of priority for our campus - addressing systemic racism a key component of our work to build a community that values everyone.

An Open Invitation

We aim to connect the many diverse parts of our Yale ecosystem to make a meaningful difference in tackling systemic race inequity. The West Campus Anti-Racism Working Group - made up of volunteers from all parts of campus and supported by campus Leadership - has begun the process of connecting to existing Yale resources and devising its own sustained actions. Everyone who studies and works here - our interdisciplinary scholars, faculty, trainees, administrators, and staff from numerous critical units – is encouraged to connect and contribute to this important work.

Update Spring 2022

Efforts to implement our anti-racism objectives continue throughout the academic year. We post regular updates of our work here. Progress requires a contribution from people throughout the campus and the integration of diversity and equity principles across everyting we do. Our goals will take time to reach - some will be quickly accomplished, others will take longer. All require your participation.

Action & Strategies

As a first step we have aligned the themes emerging from our community discussions with the related strategies developed by the President’s Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. The resultings goals represent a number of forward steps, including reviewing initial baseline recruitment and retention data for West Campus, growing current local and regional outreach and pipeline initiatives, and planning sustained efforts to come together to learn about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging on campus, among other initiatives.

Get Support

Every member of our community should have the opportunity to feel safe, supported, and seen. Yale has multiple resources for students, faculty, and staff who need guidance, assistance, or information; or who want to discuss or report an incident of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct.

Resource Library

What is racism? What can I do about it? How can I be an ally? As a starting point, we have begun to assemble a ‘library’ of books and materials about antiracist concepts, techniques, and best practices. Some of these books are available to the West Campus Community. Please get in touch to request a specifc text, or to suggest an addition to help grow our library.

Contact and Feedback

Continued progress to build and strengthen a workplace culture that is truly inclusive requires your ideas! We value your input and ideas on any aspect of our shared work. Please get in touch to share your thoughts on the kind of culture you want to create at West Campus.