Flow Core Lunch and Learn - Single-Cell Cytometry System Namocell

Efficient and gentle isolation of single cells is a critical step for single-cell genomics, cell line development, and more. Learn how Namocell’s easy to use, cartridge-based cytometry system enables efficient deposition of 1 cell per well in 384- and 96-well format and provides high clonal outgrowth for sensitive cells including after CRISPR editing. Namocell’s novel bulk sorting capability enables rapid enrichment and cloning of rare cells. Proprietary microfluidic technology eliminates the need for bead calibration enabling sorting 5 minutes after system startup.

West Campus WILDLIFE WALKS – Fall Trees

This series explores the nature trails, woodlands, and natural landscape of Yale’s West Campus. Join the fall tree walk, hosted by the Yale Peabody Museum in partnership with the Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. Meet at the West Campus Conference Center for a round trip walk of around 1.5 miles. Sturdy footwear recommended. Refreshments at the West Campus Barn.

Cross Campus ColLABorative Talk - Lei (Vino) Peng and Qi Yan

Cross Campus ColLABorative Talk - A series of science talks hosted by the Yale Systems Biology and Nanobiology Institutes - presents speakers Lei (Vino) Peng from the Sidi Chen Lab “Perturbomics of tumor infiltrating NK cells,” and Qi Yan, Karatekin and Lin Labs “LEMONADE: Lego-like membrane tension analyzer based on self-assembled DNA elastic networks,” Wednesday, November 8, 12:30 pm, Yale West Campus, 840 West Campus Drive, Advanced Biosciences Center, Third Floor, Room 373. Lunch will be served.


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