All Points West 2020

The Yale West Campus Student and Postdoc Committee (WSPC) invites you to attend All Points West 2020, the second iteration of the campus-wide symposium showcasing trainee research! The goal of this symposium is to share trainee research and build collaboration between “all points” of West Campus. This year, the symposium will include presentations from 2019 All Points West Mini-Grant recipients, lunch and poster session, flash talks from the 7 West Campus Institutes and the School of Nursing, and an alumni panel and networking reception.

Systems Biology Institute Seminar - Systems Biology Approaches to Understanding and Targeting Breast Cancer Metastasis

Professor Andrew Ewald, PhD, Department of Cell Biology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, “Systems Biology Approaches to Understanding and Targeting Breast Cancer Metastasis.” Hosted by Yale Systems Biology Institute, West Campus. Refreshments will be served. Contact:

Mindfulness, Character Strengths & Engagement Workshop

Experience how mindfulness, character strengths and engagement- three well-researched domains - can help you feel better, think better and interact with others better! In this experiential workshop, participants will learn about and experience some of the evidence-based benefits of practicing mindfulness as well as the importance of recognizing and utilizing character strengths and how these are vital to engagement and why that matters.

Tuesday Technology Talk: Problems and solutions in Spectrophotometry

This talk will focus on the significant progress made in the field of UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometry over the last 25 years, leading up to the current state-of-the-art tools in material characterization of advanced optical materials. We will have in-depth discussion on the properties of the light beam and sample spot of UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer, and the use of Integrating spheres for scattering measurements. Additionally, we will also analyze a multitude of challenging optical measurement problems and the corresponding solutions for accurate measurements of diffuse and textured samples.

Yale Day of Instrumentation 2020

The 2020 Yale Day of Instrumentation will continue to explore the connection between instrumentation development and science at Yale and provide a forum to collect your ideas and input on directions for instrumentation development on campus. The goal of this event is to seek input from the campus community in order to flesh out the definition of instrumentation development at Yale, enhance campus-wide understanding of what is available for instrumentation development at Yale, and to gather ideas for future strategic initiatives.

Rise & Shine! Mindful Movement in the Morning

Begin your day with the gifts of movement, breath and balance. Join Danielle Casioppo, Health Educator and Certified Yoga Teacher, for an energizing 45 minute wellness session which will focus on gentle stretching, basic seated and standing yoga postures and yogic breathing practices to increase vitality and joy while balancing the body and mind.
Sessions are offered in 2 month series, 7:45 - 8:30 a.m. Room 216, West Campus Conference Center.


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