High Performance Computing Center

The High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Center at Yale West Campus is home to major computational facilities for both the Yale Center for Genome Analysis (YCGA) and the Faculty of Arts & Sciences (FAS) HPC Core. Currently there are four large HPC machines in the data center. Each one is a compute cluster comprising a large number of individual compute nodes connected by fast networks to each other and to several large data storage facilities.

BulldogN is dedicated to the work of YCGA. It contains nearly 170 compute nodes ranging in size from 8 to 64 compute cores (CPUs), with varying amounts of memory per node. All nodes are connected to several petabytes of high performance parallel storage. BulldogN is used by YCGA for production and storage of DNA data, as well as by researchers, who mine the data produced at YCGA for biological insights. Several Yale research scientists, including computer scientists and bioinformaticists, are available to assist researchers with HPC needs. View more information.

The FAS HPC Core provides the hardware, software, and services to enable Yale researchers in the sciences, social sciences, and engineering to take advantage of advanced computation. The Core has three clusters in the West Campus HPC Data Center (BulldogL, BulldogM, and Omega). In aggregate, these clusters contain 7,680 compute cores and nearly 40 terabytes of memory deployed in 960 nodes. Users have access to 1.5 petabytes of high performance data storage. Together, these machines provide massive computing power to well over 100 research groups including more than 700 users spread across virtually all FAS departments in the sciences, engineering and social sciences. Several HPC specialists are available to assist researchers in their use of the clusters.

All of the machines in the Yale West Campus HPC Data Center are operated by the HPC Systems Group that is part of Yale Information Technology Services. View detailed information about Yale’s HPC facilities. For inquiries about access to HPC facilities at Yale, please send email to hpc@yale.edu.