• Yale and United Way 2014-1015 Campaign

    The University's United Way campaign is underway and the West Campus is working to make our goal. We can not do it without you. Participating in the United Way campaign is a powerful way for our community to come together to support the quality of life and economic opportunities for all the people who live and work in the greater New Haven area. Please join me in giving!

  • Center of Excellence now open at West Campus

    Yale University West Campus has opened the doors to a new microscopy Center of Excellence (CoE) made possible through a collaboration with Leica Microsystems. The Leica Center of Excellence at Yale West Campus will provide scientists with access to cutting-edge imaging tools to resolve sub-cellular structures and forward scientific discoveries.

  • Preserving Our Cultural Heritage

    Raman spectroscopy enables nondestructive, non-contact material analysis on the Voynich manuscript. Just one of the many conservation interventions and treatments taking place in the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) conservation studios.

  • It's Your Yale

    Yale Human Resources has launched a new employee engagement campaign. Our very own West Campus Urban Farm is one of the participating locations, making the list of notable community places to explore.