• West Campus Beehives

    The West Campus Urban Farm’s honeybees serve multiple roles at the Farm: they pollinate fruiting crops, provide the community with honey, and most importantly, emphasize West Campus as a living lab. Yale’s student beekeeping group, Bee Space, maintains the hives and also utilizes the space for experimenting with next generation hive technologies.

  • West Campus Vice President Reappointment

    Professor Scott Strobel has been reappointed as the Vice President for West Campus Planning and Program Development by President Peter Salovey.

  • Babylon Time Travels in YDC2 Imaging Lab

    The Babylonian project is moving forward in the YDC2 Imaging Lab. The major aim of this joint demonstration project between YDC2 and the Yale Babylonian Collection is to create documentation of cuneiform tablets for application in research.

  • A Green Workplace

    Yale West Campus Administration earned their YALE-level certification for a green workplace. Certification is designed to educate and encourage members of the Yale community to adopt sustainable practices in their workplaces.

  • Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

    Conservation scientist and professor Stefan Simon has been named director of the newly established Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) at Yale's West Campus.