• Yale cultivating health

    A two-week elective course at West Campus is providing residents at Yale School of Medicine with hands-on exposure to food systems - and how to cook healthy food themselves - to address patients’ growing questions on how to achieve healthier lifestyles. Similar workshops are underway at Yale School of Nursing.

  • Authenticating the oldest book in the Americas

    Yale's Professor Michael Coe and three of his former graduate students — including Professor Mary Miller — determined that a Maya document once denounced as a fake was, in fact, genuine.

  • New collaborations bring silver linings in the preservation of Yale collections

    The installation of artifacts in the Wurtele Collections Study Center is presenting new collaborative opportunities between the Yale University Art Gallery and the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

  • Here comes ‘NoBody,’ a microprotein on a mission

    Researchers at the Chemical Biology Institute have helped identify a novel, functional “microprotein” encoded in the human genome, using a technique that has revealed more than 400 new proteins too tiny to be found by other means.

  • Yale training gives students glimpse of life on Mars

    West Campus students have participated in the 2016 iGEM Competition. Following intensive mentored training, peer research, and public outreach, the team engineered a bacterial organism for its potential to withstand temperature extremes on Earth or on Mars.