• It's Spring Harvest Time!

    The West Campus Urban Farm has been buzzing with activity lately. From building a border wall around our new farm sign to delivering a lesson to elementary school students about nutrition, a ton has been accomplished. Yet there is more to do, learn, and a huge bounty to harvest! Come visit the farm for strawberries, snap peas, or to learn about the diversity of educational experiences that the Farm hosts.

  • Peck Place School Graduation

    On June 19 at Yale's West Campus, 71 sixth-graders from Peck Place Elementary school received Certificates of Promotion, designating them as members of the first sixth-grade graduating class at Yale University.

  • West Campus Vice President Reappointment

    Professor Scott Strobel has been reappointed as the Vice President for West Campus Planning and Program Development by President Peter Salovey.

  • Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

    Conservation scientist and professor Stefan Simon has been named director of the newly established Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) at Yale's West Campus.