• Preserving Our Cultural Heritage

    Raman spectroscopy enables nondestructive, non-contact material analysis on the Voynich manuscript. Just one of the many conservation interventions and treatments taking place in the Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (IPCH) conservation studios.

  • New Microscopy Center at West Campus

    Join us for a two-day Grand Opening featuring scientific, applications and technology talks and round table discussions. Oct. 20-21. Keynote: Joerg Bewersdorf, Ph.D., Cell Biology Dept., Yale University

  • Student Initiatives at West Campus

    F&ES student Peter Hirsch’s research on the feasibility of open source design technologies involves building a “wikihouse" near the West Campus Urban Farm. The farm and the surrounding landscape support sustainability-focused projects and initiatives. Stay tuned for more innovations being developed on the West Campus.

  • Institute Renamed at West Campus

    Director Christine Jacobs-Wagner is pleased to announce the renaming of her institute at the West Campus. The new name is the Microbial Sciences Institute (MSI). This change showcases the broad scope and multidisciplinary nature of the institute in the field of microbial sciences.

  • It's Your Yale

    Yale Human Resources has launched a new employee engagement campaign. Our very own West Campus Urban Farm is one of the participating locations, making the list of notable community places to explore.