West Campus Resource Center

On Friday, November 15th the West Campus Resource Center will open its doors to our research community offering convenient access to commonly purchased laboratory supplies and providing an enhanced level of research support services. The Resource Center is located in room 014 (basement level) of the Integrated Science and Technology Center, directly accessible to most research buildings, but available to all researchers at West Campus.  The physical street address is 600 West Campus Drive. It will operate Monday through Friday, 8am – 4:30pm.

The goal of the Resource Center is three-fold.  

1. Provide same-day access to commonly purchased research supplies
In order to provide same-day access to commonly purchased research supplies, West Campus has partnered with Unity Lab Services who will operate, on our behalf, a storeroom replete with items matched to our purchasing habits.  Please note that items that are currently unavailable in the Resource Center, such as office supplies, are still available via SciQuest.

The Resource Center will integrate with Yale’s current E-Procurement solution, SciQuest.  When accessing SciQuest you will see an additional West Campus-specific external catalog option toward the bottom of the SciQuest homepage.  The external catalog marked “West Campus Resource Center” will direct you to an enriched catalog featuring all items available in the Center.  Orders are then fulfilled by Unity Lab Services and delivered to your desktop.

Orders can only be processed for delivery once your SciQuest requisition has been approved by your business office.  Efficient desktop delivery is directly contingent upon financial approval of your orders. Thus, we strongly encourage you to discuss your SciQuest purchase thresholds with your respective Business Office.

The West Campus Resource Center is only available for SciQuest orders that are shipped to West Campus. Orders without a West Campus “ship to” address cannot be processed using the SciQuest West Campus Resource catalog.  Click HERE for instructions on managing your SciQuest profile, updating your “ship to” address, reviewing your SciQuest purchase limits and approvers, and other profile settings.   

The Resource Center joins the Roche Freezer program as a convenient method to procure research supplies at West Campus.  Over time we will integrate additional items to meet the demands of our growing research community.

2. Package delivery
The Resource Center will enhance our existing Yale Transportation, Receiving, and Stores (TR&S) procedures to provide real-time package tracking and set scheduling for in-bound laboratory deliveries.  As packages arrive on campus, they will be barcoded and uploaded to a “UPS”-style e-tracking system where recipients can view delivery progress.

3. Chemical tracking
As a part of Yale Environmental Health and Safety’s (EHS) goal of instituting University-wide chemical tracking, all in-bound chemical deliveries will be routed to the Resource Center where they will be barcoded and uploaded to the EHS database (ChemSW CisPro).  Once inventoried, all chemical deliveries will enter the package delivery workflow as described above.

Delivery and self-service package pick-up schedules will be finalized in the coming weeks.  Please stay tuned for this information.

Yale West Campus Resource Center 

Physical Address:  ISTC-014  (850 West Campus Drive)
Delivery Address:  600 West Campus Drive 
West Haven, CT 06516