Krios Microscope: tuned up and ready to go

May 18, 2017

The Krios electron cryo-microscope is being put through its final paces by Shenping Wu, staff scientist overseeing its operation, before scientists throughout Yale begin exploring the full capabilities of the world’s most powerful and flexible microscope for 2D and 3D characterization of biological samples.

Using ultra-sensitive techniques at unprecedented resolutions, the Krios combines physical measurements and computational modeling to increase the sensitivity and accuracy of sample measurement.

Without yet exploiting the full capabilities of the microscope, Wu is working to calibrate the Krios’ system to the site-specific environment at West Campus, collecting data from a cryogenically frozen sample with near atomic resolution – such as this image of a ubiquitous protein sample – to show just how powerful the scope can be, and how quickly Yale scientists can achieve such resolution. The microscope will lower the entry barrier to this technology at Yale, providing lightning quick sampling capability and enabling scientists to visualize the smallest and most intricate machinery in biological life.

Shenping Wu received her PhD from Florida State University, and fulfilled post-doctoral studies at UCSF, where she focused on methodology and application of single particle CryoEM. She has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in a verity of aspects of molecular electron microscopy, as well as user training and coordinating collaborative projects.

The expertise she brings to Yale will enable a broad spectrum of scientists who are interested in the structural details of their biological systems to take advantage of the new breakthroughs of CryoEM that has revolutionized structural biology. Wu will work closely with faculty and users to build a vibrant EM community that encourages collaboration, stimulates innovation and creates new research opportunities.