Scientific Core Facilities

There are six core facilities that power scientific research at West Campus and also serve the rest of the University:

Yale Center for Molecular Discovery

The Yale Center for Molecular Discovery provides biology and chemistry services to the Yale community. Drawing upon the extensive experiences of their staff in the fields of target and molecular discovery, the Center offers access to small molecule compound and siRNA collections as well as expertise and instrumentation for high throughput assay design and execution. Learn more or download the brochure.

Yale Center for Genome Analysis

The Yale Center for Genome Analysis is a full service facility dedicated to providing RNA expression profiling, DNA genotyping, and high-throughput sequencing using state of the art technologies. The resource is open to both Yale and other non-profit organizations. Learn more or download the brochure.

High Performance Computing Center

High Performance Computing (HPC) powers a range of research initiatives led by Yale professors and graduate students across the University. Scholars in fields from neurobiology and applied physics to economics and sociolinguistics depend on state-of-the-art computational systems to analyze and model massive amounts of data. more

West Campus Analytical Chemistry Core

The West Campus Analytical Core supports various laboratories on campus by housing and maintaining a variety of high value instruments used for biological, chemical, or other research projects. The facility’s mass spectrometers, superconducting NMR spectrometers, and flow cytometers are used by faculty members from a host of different disciplines to execute their research. more

West Campus Imaging Core

The West Campus Imaging Core houses a collection of shared microscopes and sample preparation resources to support on-going research at Yale.  Microscopes ranging from stereomicroscopes to confocal microscopes are available to all with supervision and training supplied by the expert staff.  The facility also hosts the Leica Center of Excellence at West Campus. more

West Campus Materials Characterization Core

The West Campus Materials Characterization Core is a university-wide shared user facility in partnership with the existing materials characterization resources at Yale. Our analytical capabilities include the investigation of crystal structure, surface topography, materials microstructure and chemical microanalysis. The core is launched with a variety of materials characterization instrumentation and techniques, including X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, X-ray Fluorescence and X-ray diffraction, together with specimen preparation facilities.  more