Yale Postdoctoral Trainees

VENUE CHANGE: Student + Post-doc “West Campus Recess” social!

Ever miss your elementary school days? Remember the excitement of the bell ringing for recess? Come join us at our “West Campus Recess” Happy Hour and get psyched for a new semester! Hosted by the YWC Student & Post-doc Committee with the new “McDougal West” Fellows, our fall kick-off is September 28th, 4:30-6pm at the second floor lounge, West Campus Conference Center. We’ll have all sorts of food, drinks, fun and games planned for you, so don’t miss out! All welcome!

Yale Landscape Lab Fermentation Intensive

Join YLL’s Justin Freiberg for a multi-part series this fall hosted by Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale. The Fermentation Intensive will take a deep, (bubbling) look and hands-on approach to the industry, science, and cross-cultural craft of fermentation. This series will allow for an examination of the role of microbes in food and beverage creation in this evolving sector, as well as a look into the role microbes play in human health. The Intensive will involve visits with companies in the space, food scientists, and those looking at the health effects of fermented foods.


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