Yale Postdoctoral Trainees

Tech Talk Series: Shervin Javadi, CEO, Stratedigm

A Candid Discussion about the Current vs. Desired State of Flow Cytometry
Shervin Javadi, Ceo, Stratedigm
This TTT will open a dialog about both the traps and rewards facing a Yale lab professional in 2019 while giving the audience a technical-insider’s understanding of Stratedigm’s newly released S1000EON, the flow cytometer designed for the Scientist with mission-critical assays at the center of their cell research.

Lunch provided.

How to Present Engagingly in the Sciences @ West Campus (3-Minute Thesis prep!)

Does the idea of public speaking make you nervous? Do you worry about holding your audience’s attention while talking about science? Solid presentation skills will serve you well in any career path, but developing those skills can be challenging. In this workshop brought to you by The Graduate Writing Lab, we will discuss topics such as tailoring your presentation to your audience and finding ways to feel comfortable in the spotlight.


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