US Representative Rosa DeLauro - Forum: Economic Impact of NIH Funding on New Haven

US Representative Rosa DeLauro will be at Yale West Campus for a Forum: Economic Impact of NIH Funding on New Haven, with Yale faculty Drs. Ranjit Bindra and Paul Turner; David Wurzer of Connecticut Innovations; Chris McLeod of Elm Street Ventures; and Jennifer Good of Trevi Therapeutics. Lunch will be served immediately following for attendees.

Systems Biology Institute Director's Tea - Robert Bazell, PhD - Balancing Hope and Hype

“Balancing Hope and Hype” Robert Bazell, PhD, is a Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Dept. adjunct professor at Yale. Prior to this, he served for 38 years as chief science and health correspondent for NBC News. He has earned many awards and written extensively for peer-reviewed and general interest publications and websites. The Director’s Tea is a tradition at Yale Systems Biology Institute allowing the audience of faculty and students to closely interact with visionaries in different fields.

Systems Biology Institute seminar - Xiaojing Gao, PhD - Programmable Protein Circuits in Living Cells: Design and Delivery

Xioajing Gao, PhD, Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology, “Programmable Protein Circuits in Living Cells: Design and Delivery.” Cells use circuits of interacting molecules to sense, process, and respond to signals. In mammalian synthetic biology, we try to emulate that with synthetic molecular circuits and program new cellular functions, which holds great promise for basic research and biomedicine.

Maple Tapping Workshop

Join the Landscape Lab agroforestry team on Friday, Feb 22nd to set our taps for the maple sugaring season! We’ll run through some winter tree ID, do a quick tour of the sugarbush, and make sure everyone gets to try their hand at tapping trees. No prior knowledge or experience required, just bring your inquiring mind and your sweet tooth. Get in touch to join the ranks of the Saplings and help out with sugaring this season. We’ll be collecting sap several times a week, as well as hosting campfires at the farm to boil down our sap into syrup.

All Points West Symposium

All Points West 2019 is the inaugural West Campus symposium showcasing trainee research and career development across Yale’s West Campus. The symposium will feature dynamic, engaging, and fun research talks from current West Campus trainees and the career experiences of West Campus alumni. The goal of this symposium is to increase communication and collaboration between “all points” of West Campus. Everyone at West Campus - students, faculty and staff - is encouraged to attend. The event is hosted by the West Campus Student and Postdoc Committee.

Equity in the Job Search Symposium

Join us for our third annual Equity in the Job Search Symposium. Through practical, hands-on workshops, the symposium provides advice to graduate students, postdocs and Yale alumni in navigating all stages of the STEM job search, as well as to their advisors looking to improve their mentoring efficacy. We integrate career advice with data-driven discussions of gender bias to overcome these challenges in the context of the job search.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided for registered symposium attendees.


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