Yale Landscape Lab

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An ever-changing world demands new ideas and new solutions. The Yale Landscape Lab provides unparalleled access to an expansive mix of urban and natural environment in support of student and faculty projects from across Yale. The scale of West Campus provides endless opportunities for a host of boundary-spanning projects, all designed to contribute to a more sustainable future.

From the forest to the stream to the lawn to the blacktop to the rooftops to the West Campus Urban Farm – our campus offers every opportunity to the next generation of landscape-shifting ideas.

The Yale Landscape Lab continues to foster growing collaborations across Yale and beyond, connecting over 20 professional schools, departments, organizations, and student groups across Yale. Our partners include the schools of Medicine, Nursing, Forestry & Environmental Studies, Management, Architecture, Public Health, Yale College, and Chemistry. Numerous student groups – ranging from Project Bright to Bee Space – continue to look to the West Campus landscape for a place to put their ideas into play.

Project Highlights

Cultivate Health

Pioneering new ways of teaching within the health sciences

Culinary Medicine – School of Medicine

Plant Based Health – School of Nursing

Community Health – School of Nursing

Natural Resources & Urban Ecology

Supporting the use of the campus itself as the living subject matter for exploration and research

Approaches to Sustainable Food and Agriculture – Yale College; Yale Sustainable Food Program

Invasive Species Research - School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Schmitz lab

Experimental Grassland – Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative