On-Campus Services

Yale West Campus offers many services to its occupants. These services span from dining and child care to state-of-the-art conference and fitness centers.

Car Share Program

The University Car Share program at West Campus allows West Campus faculty, students, or staff to reserve a fleet car for travel between Yale buildings or for any business, academic, departmental or organizational activity which includes local meetings or conferences between campuses. The West Campus fleet consists of two vehicles, a seven passenger 2012 Chevrolet Traverse, and a five passenger 2012 Chevrolet Equinox. Vehicles are currently reserved by emailing westcampus.administration@yale.edu with the following information:

Name of Driver:

Copy of Valid driver’s license (color copy-front only):

Cell Phone Number:

Vehicle (Traverse or Equinox):

Requested pick-up date & time:

Expected return date & time:

Confirmation that Driver Safety Awareness Training was Completed (YES/NO):

You must complete the Driver Safety Awareness Training and are encouraged to view the Online Training Demonstration prior to reserving any vehicle. Under no circumstances are you allowed to drive a University vehicle without first completing the driver safety training. Please contact West Campus Administration with questions about registration. Each vehicle is equipped with parking passes for specific central and medical campus parking lots and a gas card to refill vehicles after use.  Please do not leave the gas tank with less than ½ tank.  Please refer to the Yale Car Sharing Guide for more details about the program. 

Child Care

Bright Horizons is a child care facility that offers staff, faculty, and student parents an opportunity to enroll their children in a safe environment close to where they work. With designated slots for Yale personnel, Bright Horizons accepts children ages six weeks to 12 years old, and offers a Ready for School program for Pre-Kindergarten. For more information, contact Bright Horizons at Yale West Campus at 203.795.3564 or visit the Bright Horizons at Yale West Campus website.

Conference Center

The Conference Center at West Campus is available for Yale departmental meetings, symposia, retreats, and conferences of all sizes up to 250 attendees. more


Yale West Campus Dining offers is located on the first floor of the West Campus Conference Center. Breakfast (8:00 am to 10:00 am) and Lunch (11:30 am to 2:00 pm) are served daily, Monday through Friday. West Campus offers a unique dining plan, which costs $6 per meal and includes salad, bread, a hot entree du jour, beverage, and dessert with the purchase of West Campus Eli Bucks. Anyone wishing to establish a West Campus dining plan should contact Yale Dining for initial set up. Non-dining plan users pay $8.


The Office of Facilities is responsible for the maintenance and operation of existing campus buildings as well as the planning, design, and construction of new buildings. Yale West Campus is proud to have a full branch of facility services available for occupants. All facilities work requests can be made by calling 203.432.6888 or visiting FAMIS Web Requests (FWR) through the Facilities website.

Fitness Center

The West Campus Fitness Center is open to all Yale West Campus occupants, their spouse and their children over 13 years of age. The facility is open Sunday ­through Saturday, 24 hours with access by ID only during non-business hours. Spouses and children (13 years and older) must be accompanied by their West Campus sponsor when using the facility and cannot receive access to the locker rooms.  For safety reasons, absolutely no children under the age of 13 years old are allowed in the West Campus Fitness Center at any time.  All fitness center users, must submit a Fitness Center Enrollment form prior to using the facility, including spouse and children of West Campus sponsors. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed in the facility without completing the enrollment form.  Your signed form serves as acceptance to the terms and conditions of the facility.  Please direct questions or report any issues regarding the Fitness Center to West Campus Administration.

Library Services

Electronic resources and book delivery services are available for West Campus occupants. Databases, journals, and books can be accessed digitally through the Cushing/Whitney Medical LibraryCenter for Science and Social Information (CSSSI), and the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library. Print Book delivery can be ordered through Orbis after selecting “Request Recall or Delivery” and choosing either “West Campus” or “Yale School of Nursing” as a delivery option. Books should be delivered to West Campus within 2 business days or less. more

Research Support Services

Constant Temperature Rooms

Yale West Campus supports a variety of research support services (RSS) including glasswashing, sterilization, chemical inventory tracking, and shared instrument facilities. Most of these services are centralized and supported by permanent research staff. A full listing of services and detailed information is listed below. Christopher Incarvito, Director of Research Operations and Technology, oversees these programs. Please contact Christopher Incarvito at 203.737.6673 for more information. General inquiries can also be directed to the West Campus Shared Asset Program.

Emergency Freezer Program

Shared constant environment rooms (including walk-in cold rooms) are available throughout the research complex. Please contact wcsap@yale.edu regarding access and use of these facilities.

West Campus has temporary emergency back-up freezers and short-term supplemental freezer space available for all Institute laboratories. In the event of an emergency, please contact wcsap@yale.edu with a description of the emergency, your storage needs, and any special or regulated precautions. This email is monitored at all times and they will work quickly to address your emergency.

Research Purchasing Collaborative

A representative from Yale Purchasing is on site to assist with purchases of lab reagents, consumables, and equipment. Please contact the following personnel for more information:

Fran Consiglio, Strategic Sourcing Manager, 203.737.3261


All laboratories can use the glass wash and sterilization facilities located in their respective floors or buildings. You may opt to be supported by Research Support Services staff or have your laboratory personnel trained for approved access. If you choose to be supported by the RSS staff service fees do apply. Services routinely available include washing, drying, baking, sterilization, and autoclaving of liquids. Please contact Steve Luzietti for service details or training information.

Surplus Inventory, equipment removal, and storage

A process has been established to allow researchers to browse a current inventory list, revised every month, of the glassware and surplus laboratory equipment available at West Campus. Details will be emailed to Faculty and administrative assistants monthly. Requests must be made via email to westcampus.inventory@yale.edu.

Temperature/environmental monitoring (SmartVue)

West Campus RSS utilizes ThermoFisher Scientific’s SmartVue system to monitor environmental conditions throughout the campus. This includes laboratory refrigerators and freezers, incubators, cryo-storage, etc. The monitoring service is provided at no cost but laboratories who opt into the program are responsible for a one-time purchase of necessary hardware. Please contact Steve Luzietti for more information.

West Campus Resource Center

The Resource Center will integrate with Yale’s current E-Procurement solution, SciQuest.  When accessing SciQuest you will see an additional West Campus-specific external catalog option toward the bottom of the SciQuest homepage.  The external catalog marked “West Campus Resource Center” will direct you to an enriched catalog featuring all items available in the Center.  Orders are then fulfilled by Unity Lab Services and delivered to your desktop.

Orders can only be processed for delivery once your SciQuest requisition has been approved by your business office.  Efficient desktop delivery is directly contingent upon financial approval of your orders. Thus, we strongly encourage you to discuss your SciQuest purchase thresholds with your respective Business Office.

The West Campus Resource Center is only available for SciQuest orders that are shipped to West Campus. Orders without a West Campus “ship to” address cannot be processed using the SciQuest West Campus Resource catalog.  Click HERE for instructions on managing your SciQuest profile, updating your “ship to” address, reviewing your SciQuest purchase limits and approvers, and other profile settings.   

The Resource Center joins the Roche Freezer program as a convenient method to procure research supplies at West Campus.  Over time we will integrate additional items to meet the demands of our growing research community.

2. Package delivery
The Resource Center will enhance our existing Yale Transportation, Receiving, and Stores (TR&S) procedures to provide real-time package tracking and set scheduling for in-bound laboratory deliveries.  As packages arrive on campus, they will be barcoded and uploaded to a “UPS”-style e-tracking system where recipients can view delivery progress.

3. Chemical tracking
As a part of Yale Environmental Health and Safety’s (EHS) goal of instituting University-wide chemical tracking, all in-bound chemical deliveries will be routed to the Resource Center where they will be barcoded and uploaded to the EHS database (ChemSW CisPro).  Once inventoried, all chemical deliveries will enter the package delivery workflow as described above. Please direct any questions to Anna Kim.

Delivery and self-service package pick-up schedules will be finalized in the coming weeks.  Please stay tuned for this information.

Yale West Campus Resource Center 

Physical Address:  ISTC-014  (850 West Campus Drive)

Delivery Address:  600 West Campus Drive 

West Haven, CT 06516

Brian Relihan or Patrick Hyatt


The campus has around-the-clock security coverage. The main security phone number is 203.737.3111. All buildings have Yale key card access and are frequently checked by security. Camera and video monitoring is used. The towns of West Haven and Orange provide first-responder service for medical, police, and fire emergencies, working closely with Yale police and security.  Judy Landry is the Assistant Director of West Campus Security and can be reached 203.737.3016.  Campus and gate access must be requested through the Access Form. If if you intend to park your car on campus for an extended period of time, such as when traveling over the weekend, you must complete this form and email it to Yale West Campus Administration at westcampus.administration@yale.edu.