Scott Strobel joined the Yale faculty in 1995 in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MB&B) where he served as department chair from 2006-2009. Professor Strobel has been honored with numerous awards since arriving at Yale, including the Schering Plough Research Institute Award from the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2008. more

Meghan Dahlmeyer, Director of Finance and Administration

Meghan Dahlmeyer joined West Campus Administration in June 2016 following 13 years’ experience at Yale in positions at Yale School of Medicine and Yale Health. As lead administrator Meghan works across the West Campus community as the chief financial steward and leader of administrative support services for the organization,as well as being responsible for the West Campus Conference Center, fleet management, and the West Campus Emergency Operations Team.
Office Phone: 203.737.6694

Christopher Incarvito, Associate Provost for Science Initiatives

Christopher Incarvito joined Yale West Campus Administration in May 2011 and serves as the Director of Research Operations and Technology.  In this role, he leads efforts to establish premier research facilities at West Campus through strategic capital equipment acquisitions, deployment of high-value shared-instrument laboratories, and focused collaborations with global scientific research organizations.
Office Phone: 203.737.6673


Jon Atherton, Communications Officer

Jon Atherton joined West Campus Administration in 2015 and has been at Yale for 11 years. Previously at Yale School of Public Health, he was responsible for the promotion of new research collaborations and the professional development of new researchers. At West Campus, Jon provides a variety of services to faculty, students and staff, and manages all internal/external digital strategy and Campus communications in collaboration with other communications office across Yale. He also serves as liaison to the West Campus Student & Postdoc Committee. Office Phone: 203.240.9664

Beth Bolen, Finance and Administrative Manager

Beth Bolen joined West Campus Administration in May 2015 as a Finance and Administrative Manager. Beth recently left the Office of New Haven and State Affairs after 7 years, and prior to that worked in the School of Medicine. Beth’s immediate focus will be transitioning units into West Campus space, as well as maintaining and coordinating space assessments for areas which include labs, specialty storage/collections, and shared equipment work areas.  Her broader focus will ultimately extend to other areas within the West Campus.
Office Phone: 203.737.3120

Frances Consiglio, Strategic Sourcing Manager

Fran Consiglio returned to Yale University as an Financial Assistant IV in the Magnetic Resonance Center in 1999. She joined Procurement in April 2000 as a Junior Buyer and in 2008 became a Strategic Sourcing Manager. She joined West Campus in April of 2011 and has been here full time since February 2013. Her commodity focus is Research Equipment, Supplies and Reagents – but can assist with all commodities.
Office Phone: 203.737.3261

Jessica Criscuolo, Events and Administrative Coordinator

Jessica Criscuolo began at Yale University in 2007, and joined West Campus in the fall of 2011. She currently holds the role of Events and Administrative Coordinator and is responsible for coordinating events and serving as the lead Administrative Assistant on West Campus.
Office Phone: 203.737.6150

Christopher D'Addio, Audio Visual Coordinator

Christopher came to West Campus in 2013 as an Audio Visual Consultant. He has over 20 years experience in audio visual production and event management. He co-ordinates all AV needs for meetings and conferences on campus, and also provides photo/video assistance to the communications office. Office Phone: 203.996.0262

Keith Draghi, IT Support Technician

Keith Draghi came to Yale University in 2002 and worked with the shared science service branch on main campus before coming to West Campus as the IT Support Technician. Keith has been involved in various aspects of IT and has over 15 years of experience including: web design, server and infrastructure design, maintenance, and programming.

Kelly Locke, Associate Director of Administration
Kelly Palumbo, West Campus Finance & Administration Manager

Kelly Palumbo joined West Campus in February 2013. With over seven years of accounting and operational experience, Kelly monitors the YWC annual budget and provides leadership with comprehensive financial analysis. She also assists leadership in achieving operational priorities, ensures service providers are apprised of Unit’s needs, and ensures adherence to Yale’s policies, procedures and external regulatory requirements.
Office Phone: 203.737.3191

Cynthia Ziehl, Supervisor

Cynthia Ziehl joined West Campus Administration in October 2017 and supervises the senior administrative assistant staff who provide institute and faculty support. Previously at Yale School of Medicine, she held a similar role in the Dept. of Pathology, working in the Chair’s office. She has over 20 years administrative management experience, including hiring, training and development of support staff. Office Phone: 203.737.7801