Yale researcher receives 2016 Air Force Office of Scientific Research award

Yale researcher Owen Miller has received a Young Investigator award from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to pursue his his project Fundamental Limits to Electromagnetic Response in Novel Platforms.

The Young Investigator Research Program awarded approximately $20.8 million in grants to 58 scientists and engineers from 41 research institutions and small businesses. The awards are made through a competitive process and recognize scientists “who show exceptional ability and promise for conducting basic research”. This year the program received over 230 proposals from scholars across the country.

Miller, who is a faculty member at the Energy Sciences Institute at Yale’s West Campus , submitted an independent proposal that was selected for its potential for creative basic research and to enhance the early career development of an outstanding young investigator.

An Assistant Professor of Applied Physics, Miller joined West Campus from MIT in July 2016. His research centers around design at the micro and nanoscale, leveraging analytical theory and large-scale computational optimization to design complex photonic media exhibiting novel physics and superior functionality, in the framework of emerging energy applications. He has already made a broad impact in the fields of photovoltaics, wave scattering in structured media, and near-field heat transfer.