The West Campus community is characterized by lively intellectual interactions and initiatives involving faculty, staff, and students from a variety of departments and disciplines. The Urban Farm provides Nursing students and researchers an opportunity to explore new medicinal plants and herb breakthroughs, while also offering a refuge to the community to share and harvest. West Campus’ nature trails and open spaces serve as a laboratory for local grade school students to study nature and observe wildlife. They also offer a haven to various Yale undergraduate groups to actualize opportunities, not obtainable elsewhere.   

Yale West Campus Urban Farm

Yale West Campus is already a vibrant center for research, and it continues to grow. The farm mirrors this dynamic nature by welcoming the present community to participate while also maintaining the capacity to serve new groups and ideas at Yale West Campus. The goal of the Farm is to serve community, research, as well as teaching on West Campus. more


The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History offers numerous programs to the communities surrounding Yale University. K-12 school programs support statewide science curriculum standards and make use of the Peabody Museum collections, West Campus nature trails, and educational facilities at the Museum’s Community Education Center, located at 230 West Campus Drive in Orange. more